Rules and Regulations

Tournament Rules and Guidelines

We’re excited to have you join us for the Sandalwood Golf FORE Hunger Charity Golf Tournament at the prestigious Palmetto Hall Country Club. Please review the following rules and guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The tournament will begin with a shotgun start with participants starting on various holes. We will be using a Scramble format with the best ball utilized. Each team member tees off on every hole, and the best shot is selected. All players then play their next shot from that spot. This process continues until the ball is holed.

Dress Code

To maintain the standards of the Palmetto Hall Country Club, all participants are required to adhere to the following dress code:

Resort Casual / Golf Course Normal Attire:

  • Collared shirts are required for all players.
  • No cut-off shorts, ripped, or torn jeans.
  • Jeans are not permitted.

Code of Conduct

Players are expected to follow the normal code of conduct as outlined by the Palmetto Hall Country Club. This includes:

  • Respecting the course and facilities.
  • Adhering to all club rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrating sportsmanship and courtesy to fellow players and staff.
  • Avoiding any disruptive behavior that could affect the enjoyment of other participants.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Thank you for supporting the Sandalwood Golf FORE Hunger Charity Golf Tournament. Enjoy your day on the course!